You are currently viewing Windows 11 Download 64 Bit ISO File (Direct Links)

Windows 11 Download 64 Bit ISO File (Direct Links)

Windows 11 Download is official. You can NOW download Windows 11 ISO files for 64 bit PC and laptops. The ISO file currently available on the internet is a leaked version and also a developer build.

The download file has leaked a week before its official launch on June 24 this year. If you are really excited to get hands-on with the Windows 11 operating system well before its release, this is the chance. Here we’ve arranged a direct and fast download link for Windows 11 disc image (ISO file) for you guys.

Here we’ve also installation instructions and other details to quickly get your hands on Windows 11 and feel the experience.

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Windows 11 Release Date

As of now, the original and final release of the Windows 11 is not revealed. But Microsoft has arranged an event on 24 June 2021 in which they will be announcing the new generation Windows OS and its features in detail. So the exact Windows 11 launch date will presumably be announced in the event itself.

Windows 11 Download Free: 64 Bit ISO File

Now, even before the official launch, people started to search for Download Windows 11 ISO file. In fact, the currently available Win 11 ISO file is not the final version/ build of the OS. It’s just a developer version used to test the new OS to find bugs and other glitches. This file is already tested by many developers across the globe and some have reported bugs, missing features, required feature suggestions, etc.

So, don’t consider this free Windows 11 download file as a complete and final OS. But if you are really excited and don’t have the patience to wait till the official release you can try this leaked ISO file of the brand new Windows 11.

Also, once Windows 11 is officially released in the market, people who bought the paid version of Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 will probably get a free upgrade to the next generation Windows 11 OS.

Currently, Microsoft Windows 11 download is available for both 32 and 64 bit PC and laptops. So make sure that download the compatible ISO file.

Download Links are provided in a section below.

Windows 11 Features: What’s New in Windows 11?

  • Revamped Start button, Search button, and taskbar.
  • Window animations while opening, closing, minimizing, and dragging.
  • Split Screen made easy: 4 split-screen size options to choose from while you hover over the restore down button.
  • Improve touch controls.
  • New startup sound.
  • Dark mode introduced.
  • Rounder corners: The old-fashioned rectangular corners are gone. Almost all windows, dialog boxes, etc are now with rounded corners.
  • Better and stylish icons and folders.
  • Several new widgets introduced.
  • Introduced Ink workspace panel.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Below are the expected Windows 11 system requirements.

  • 1.2 GHz Single-Core Processor (32-bit)
  • OR 1.4 GHz Single-Core Processor (64-bit)
  • 2GB RAM or more (at least 4GB recommended)
  • 1024 x 768 Screen resolution
  • 15 GB of available hard disk space (Approx.)
  • The PC must support TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module)
  • The PC must support Secure boot

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Windows 11 Setup Size

As far as the Windows 11 leaked version is concerned, the new Windows 11 download size is 4.54GB. Since it is not the final version, we can expect additional features which may increase the setup size and will come around 5 GB.

Windows 11 Install Size

A fresh install of Windows 11 (x86) uses around 20 GB of disk space on a machine, and Windows 11 (x64) requires around 25 GB of free space.

A Windows 11 install can range from (roughly) 20 to 25 GB depending on the version and flavor of Windows 11 being installed. And as I mentioned before, the Windows 11 ISO installation media is approximately 4.54 GB in size.

Download Windows 11 (Direct Links)

Here is a collection of Windows 11 download links. These links are uploaded and shared by different people around the world and we just curated the links for you.

Warning: Even though the Windows 11 file is available for download, you need to understand that this is just a developer version leaked online and is not the final build. You may encounter bugs and glitches and even malware. So do it at your own risk.

We highly recommend you not to install it on your main computer or device. For testing and other purposes, you may use a secondary PC or laptop. Alternatively, you can use VMware for experiencing the new OS.

How to Install Windows 11 ISO File on PC or Laptop

  1. Download the Windows 11 ISO file from the links provided.
  2. Take a USB flash drive/ Pendrive/ External SSD.
  3. Download Rufus and make the USB bootable.
  4. Launch Rufus and select the ISO file you just downloaded.
  5. Leave other fields as such and click Start. This will flash Windows 11 Disc image file onto your USB drive and make it a Windows 11 bootable USB.
  6. Plug this USB into the computer in which you want to install Windows 11 OS.
  7. Restart your PC and enter the BIOS using the BIOS key.
  8. In the boot device options, select the USB as primary boot media.
  9. Press Enter button and the installation will begin.
  10. Once prompted, choose your preferred language, time zone, and keyboard layout.
  11. Then click on the Install button.
  12. Select the Windows edition you want to install.
  13. Select the partition and click Next.

From the Editor’s Desk

As we said earlier, DON’T INSTALL Windows 11 on your primary computer in which you do your daily works. Only try this Windows 11 build on your secondary PC or laptop. This is to avoid any data loss and malware attack on your primary device. As the leaked build is originated on the internet from third-party websites and forums, the files may contain viruses or other malware. This is not to make you panic, but we just informed you that the chances of a malware attack cannot be neglected.

What is Windows 11 release date 2021?

The exact release date is not yet revealed. However, the Windows 11 will be officially announced on 24 June 2021.

What is the download size of Windows 11?

The leaked Windows 11 ISO file is about 4.54GB in size.

What is the install size of Windows 11?

A fresh install of Windows 11 (x86) uses around 20 GB of disk space on a machine, and Windows 11 (x64) requires around 25 GB of free space.

How much space does Windows 11 take?

A Windows 11 install can range from (roughly) 20 to 25 GB depending on the version and flavor of Windows 11 being installed.

Will I get Windows 11 for free?

If you have the original paid version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 you may get the Windows 11 for free.

How big is Windows 11?

As far as the leaked version is concerned, Windows 11 is as big as 20GB on a 64-bit laptop.

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